Lipo-6 while adding mass??

  1. Lipo-6 while adding mass??


    I have recently busted my ass to get down from 205 to 185 but now it is time to try to add a good bit more lean mass. Is it OK to use something like Lipo-6 while I am trying to bulk? I really want to minimize the amount of fat gain (it was too freakin hard to get off in the first place!) while bulking and I plan to eat really clean. Just wondering if I am wasting my time and if I can bulk with very minimal fat gain. Thanks for all of the help. This is my first post and I can't wait for the replies.

    I am currently 6' 185lbs with about 12% bf. I am eating at about 3200 a day with roughly a 40/40/20 breakdown. I have just started REALLY lifting hard in the last couple of months and I have made significant progress on all lifts and very noticeable progress in muscle size and definition. Thanks again for all of your help.


  2. I think that if you eat clean you should be fine. The only thing is that if you plan to bulk, you are gonna gain some fat. This is a common problem that people make. Unless you are taking some sort of prohormone or testosterone booster, its pretty much impossible to bulk without gaining some bodyfat.

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