Ab-Solved (Revisited)

  1. Ab-Solved (Revisited)

    I'm sure this concern has been addressed ad naseum around here, but I couldn't find a matching answer for my question. So bear with me.

    In addition to adjusting my diet and upping the cardio portion of my workout (such as it is), I've started on Ab-Solved, which I have been using for about a week-and-a-half now.

    Long story short, it hasn't made a dent. No fat-loss whatsoever. My question is, does Ab-Solved remove existing fat like other transdermals or does it merely prevent further accumulation via cortisol reduction?

    And further, can you OD on this particular product (say, 10-12 squirts a day instead of the recommended 8) without incident?

    I thought I'd about stepped in **** when I'd found a transdermal devoid of caffeine or other stimulants, but so far, it seems as though I might as well be using butter.

    Thanks for any thoughts or suggestions.

  2. AbSolved will decrease VAT, but it is very very gradual.
    I generally don't notice any changes until 3 weeks of use and then the weight (fat) loss has only been a couple of pounds at the end of 4 weeks.

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