I have finished cutting a few weeks back, reached 9-10% bodyfat and weighed 61kg and had visible abs.* I have since started to try and bulk and build lean muscle and try and minimise any fat gains.

Around 3 weeks ago I started to increase my calories weekly presently up to 2700 daily but not seen any weight gain as yet despite a new strength program with some GVT sets, so still trying to find out how high I should be increasing my calories.

Sarms was recommended to me and I was advised Mass GH would be the best all in one product for me.

I've ordered Mass GH and Liv.52 for on cycle support*and now I'm considering Fusion Supplements Post Cycle Matrix as my all in one PCT.

Would anyone recommend any better alternative for Post Cycle Matrix as a PCT for Mass GH for a first time user?

I presently train 6 days a week average, although presently I've done 9 days in succession as I am a gym addict, in the future I'd ideally look to cut this down to 5 days a week.* Presently I have the energy and time to go 6 days a week without too much difficultly and tiredness from my previous session.

I planned to only take 2 capsules a day for Mass GH - It was recommended that it's taken with two meals a day.

Liv.52 unsure presently need to read up on when these should be taken with Mass GH?

I normally train around lunch time occasionally in a fasted state of around 15-16 hours.

If anyone has advise on usage of Mass GH, Liv.52 and PCT then please advise?

Thanks in advance