amp experiences

  1. amp experiences

    post your experience with this product...

    i found that this does give a great energy boost...its much different then the normal energy boost though. i took this one time before a run and the adrenaline would not stop flowing... it makes you want to keep going. the only down side i have with it is the bad taste in my mouth and a weird feeling after a workout. i will use this only on occasion becuase of the great power, and it not being a "normal" energy boost. this could be a great pre race supp. if allowed.

  2. on a side seems to kill libido

  3. i actually noted the opposite, became quite horny after taking!
  4. darius
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Graduate
    i actually noted the opposite, became quite horny after taking!
    Same here.

  5. ya'll are lucky...i must have taken too much. 3 pills is way to much for me.

  6. Any of you guys notice any change (raise) in BP? This is the only thing stopping me from trying it!

  7. When I first bought a bottle I tried 2 pills, and it did nothing for me. Next day I tried 4. For me it takes a while for it to really kick it, but you can really feel it when it does. To me it seemed to get stronger later after the dose, to the point that I would feel sick 5-6 hours later. But other than that I like it alot.


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