Opinions on halodrol/yk11 cycle

  1. Opinions on halodrol/yk11 cycle

    Hey guys, this is my first post on here so if I'm posting in the wrong place my bad lol anyways I'm currently finishing up a 3 month yk11 cycle and have seen good results. I've also been running mk677 for about 6 months as well. I was able to get my hands on about 8 weeks worth if halodrol and plan on running that in about 2 months. I also will have 8 weeks worth of yk again, so I want some opinions on this: should I run the halo and yk at the same time in one cycle, or should I run halo by itself and take the yk after to help retain my gains? My thought is if I take both simultaneously, the yk could amplify the results i get from the halo, but if I run the y2k after the halo, it might help me retain/ keep progressing after my cycle. I see benefits from both, so let me know what your thoughts are. BTW I'll be continuing mk677 the whole time.

  2. Ik you're taking mk, you shouldn't worry too much about muscle loss. Of course you will deflate a bit but I don't think this can be totally stopped. Especially if you run YK and Halo simultaneously. What always helps me retaining good amounts of muscle is Cardarine in my PCT and after. You could take the YK 11 and Halo together, I'm currently doing this tbh and I think this would be better than doing YK after you halo. Especially because you've already run it for 3 months... That's a long time! How did it go? I'm curious.

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