Should I use CEE and NO2 with Trimax?

  1. Should I use CEE and NO2 with Trimax?

    Is there any reason not to use CEE and a NO2 product during a cut? Or would it be better to wait until after to restart? Actually, this is a three part question about using them:
    1) During a natural cut
    2) During a cut with an androgen
    3) During a cut with Trimax and an androgen
    If you have used them all together, what is your opinion on any added benefit the CEE and NO2 gave you? Thanks for all opinions!

  2. Creatine and caffeine tend to work against each other. One draws water into the cell, the other draws water out. They are both diuretic as are a number of thermogenic compounds. Your hydration may be problematic as a result.

    I also suspect (but have not seen evidence) that the body eventually adapts to creatine. Being "off" creatine for a while would theoretically reset that. The ideal time would be during a cut.

    Just thoughts.

  3. Thanks. My reason for wanting to keep them during the cut is to help combat the "flatness" and lethargy issues while I'm on Trimax. If the adaptive issue on creatine is correct it would make sense to drop it during for a rest, and get more response from it after the cylce. Probably a stupid question, but where does the caffeine come from?

  4. LOL...comes from my imagination I suppose. As soon as you said you're cutting, I immediately assumed you would also be taking an ECA stack and green tea (thermo).

    It's so common I figured you hadn't mentioned it but I see you weren't going to use it. Any particular reason?

  5. Sorry, better details on my part would help. I’ll be using Trimax and MDien, with M5 for help on those days when I need a kick. This has worked well in the past for me. I will watch my BP and if it looks OK may add EC or CY (I like Redline) for a kick, since it would be better on my hairline than too much M5. I mention BP because on a Timax/M1T cycle it got pretty high. Never checked it on MDien, but when on M1T once it got high enough that I knew it was high without even measuring it. Hawthorn berry seemed to help that a lot.

    I bought some green tea a while back, but after a few tries I quit. Definitely in my top10 list of things never to put in my mouth again. I guess capping it would help, but that seemed like overkill right now for only one supplement. If I run across it in cap form I would probably try it again.



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