Post PH cycle.

  1. Smile Post PH cycle.

    Hi all,

    This looks like a great board - loads of info and experienced helpful people. I've been trainind seriously for around 2.5 years and I normally post over at Muscletalk, but I started getting more interested in PH's late last year, so I've been flicking around in here and a few other places doing a load of research. Anyway I thought I'd finally join up!

    I started a 3 week cycle of ONE+ a week and a half ago @ 9 squirts 2 x a day. All is going very well indeed . Anyway I intend on taking Trib and ZMA to get test levels back up post cycle. My questions are:

    1) Will Trib and ZMA be enough? Or should I be considering 6-OXO as well? This is my first cycle and only at a moderate dose.

    2) Is Vitex (Agnus Castus) of any use post cycle? Some people seem to think so, but the only research I can find says it LOWERS test levels!

    Thanks for any opinions/advise bro's.

  2. A 3 week cycle is pretty short and you probably wouldn't need an anti-e like 6oxo post cycle, but it would help you maintain your gains better than not using it. But you don't absolutely have to have it. Vitex is used for prolactin suppression which can help if you start to get progesterone gyno. Which would be rare to get from 1-test, so you probably don't need this unless you start getting some puffy nipps that won't quit.

    Otherwise, add a high dose of flax oil to your post cycle and you should be fine. 6oxo is optional.

  3. If you do 6OXO then keep the dosage low to moderate, 200-400mg a day.

  4. Just a word here, if you decide to take vitex make sure your dosage is ~ 1500mg-2g daily (based on Murphmans post at Apparently this herb has different effects depending upon the dosage.
    An excerpt from the link - 'At the high dose (about 20 times normal dosage) an inhibition of all gonadotrophic hormones and growth hormone resulted, adrenal and uterine weights were significantly decreased and breast tissue showed signs of atrophy' - '[For hyperprolactinemia]....3 months of therapy. Prolactin release was significantly reduced in the Vitex group.'
    'Vitex has been used historically to increase milk production in lactating women ... another example of its modulating effect on prolactin levels'

    I did not manage to find any contemporary research to back up its reputation (from the middle ages where it got its name chaste berry?) that it lowers libido - lowers test.

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