Ever used Ecdysten?

  1. Ever used Ecdysten?

    does anyone have any input or reviews on ecdysten. Found and article on it here.
    Seems interesting but they could be feading you BS. Ever since the ban i've been looking for something new to try.But its also fairly cheap to try it out. Let me know. Thanks.

  2. I purchased some ecdysterone and used it for a while. It seemed to help me gain some weight and strength a couple weeks into the cycle, but i was using it off of a long break from lifting so i am guessing it did give a boost and help me reach my old muscle memory quicker but after that it seemed to taper off. I think ecdysten might be underdosed. I was taking between 600-1000milligrams a day and everyone else who i have heard of that makes gains on ecdysterone is up around a gram at least. Some others take that much and don't see any gains.

    Most people will just say it is bunk. Some people say it has some nice anti-catabolic properties for cutting and a sparse few out there will say it gave them a nice gain in LBM.

    I have a feeling there is something to this stuff because it seems to work in a couple of animal studies and the all famous "soviet study"....but the one animal study i saw where there was a marked increase in mass i think i remember calculating it out and a person would have to take like 8 grams a day to match the dosage. As for the soviet study there seems to be a lack of details as to the method(oral or injection) and level of dosing.

    It would be great if somebody could come up with a version that made results equal to the soviet/russian study, especially since it seems(for now) there are no bad side effects and has an extremely low toxicity level.

  3. People bash ecdy. I've seen my girl using it in high doses and having good results with it. There is a figure girl that works for us as well that loves it. I don't have much feedback guy wise to offer. I know Marc at scivation/primaforce made a post about taking it over at avant.

  4. Price per dose is a big problem too. The stuff is expensive for results you only might see. If something could be done to give it increased bioavailability through oral or IM injection we might get more out of it at a reasonable price.

  5. 1fast400, what's the purity of your ecdysterone powder or does the 50% in parenthesis mean its purity? thanks



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