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  1. I take 6 grams a day.

  2. Canada is a little bit fatter than lying only directly north of NY state, lol ...
    OK, so I guess you're in Calgary or Edmonton? BBBRRRRRRR...

  3. Quote Originally Posted by prolangtum
    I take 6 grams a day.
    I take fish oil too. But I also eat salmon everyday, when I remember to defrost it. Why do you take so much?. Do you not like fish?. I know some people really hate it.

  4. 6 caps, not 6 grams of epa/dha. I like fish, but fresh salmon isnt cheap. I cover my ass with the fish oil.

  5. I just swallow the capsules...

  6. Quote Originally Posted by natedogg
    You know, I think I might give sesathin a shot. Should I go ahead and throw in some fish oil softgels while I'm at it? I'm looking at Super EPA by Now. It looks like it has the highest amount of DHA and EPA per serving.
    PBL's Pure Omega 3 got more EPA/DHA in each cap than NOW's Super EPA.

    TwinLab's Mega Twin EPA got 600mg EPA + 240mg DHA in each cap

  7. As far as pricing Sam's Club is by far #1.


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