3-MHD or OTC for fat loss/gains? Friend says P6 Red

  1. 3-MHD or OTC for fat loss/gains? Friend says P6 Red

    Being researching all evening for OTC Test boosters BUT from what I've read they will have very few results. I'm 32, not lifting as heavy as I'd like due to some lingering minor injuries. Back and shoulders I can kill. I can deadlift heavy. Chest is weak. ACT joint in college prevents heavy bench, collar bone feels like it wants to pop out when I go heavy. I've accepted it. I can rep a plate and do hammer machines.

    That said.....

    I came across 3 MHD. Never tried anything like that before. Also read about APE, Tropinol XP, BPI A-HD ELITE, all with good results.

    I'm 5'6 160-165. I like to cycle but like to deadlift heavy. Used to olympic lift. Gonna try squats this weekend and test the knee. Back and shoulders are developing well last 2 months.

    I'm looking really to get lean as being short I don't really want to get too big. Replacing the fat with muscle obviously the goal. Diet is good. Cardio has be spotty but trying early morning 30-60 on empty stomach then lifting in the afternoon.

    Thanks in advance!

  2. tropinol is a really nice option here, as it has a dose of potassium nitrates, which help tremendously with endurance in the gym and the bedroom!..
    it has a solid profile for boosting test.
    if you want to add to it, id use testabolan and thermoxyn as well. this is an awesome stack for achieving your stated goal.
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  3. What R1pp said. Tropinol is a great option for what your looking for. I like to stack that with Intimidate SRT. Helps a lot with sleep and recovery, plus I have noticed I have increased strength from that stack.
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