Creatine Bloat Remedy

  1. Creatine Bloat Remedy

    hi All,

    decided to start a creatine cycle again for a month or so. been having 5-10 grams pre & post w/o & another dose later in the day about mid afternoon.

    i've been bloated as hell for the last 2 days since starting & don't know if this is a coincidence or not but the last 2 hours i've been drinking down several glasses of water with some lemon squeezed into each one & the bloat seems to have subsided quite a bit.

    maybe if anyone else is feeling a similiar bloat they could give this a try & see if the same thing happens.

    maybe i might have solved a big problem for a lot of people!!!! in which case ya's owe me!!!


  2. actually another thing i've noticed is that considering the huge amounts of water i've been drinking with the lemon juice i'm hardly p*ssing any of it out.

    i usually base the first half of my day around going to the "men's".......hhmmmmm!!!!


  3. I'll try it the next time I start CEE. Interesting. No other changes in diet?

  4. SJA,

    i usually increase my carb intake when using creatine but because my "usual" diet is low carb i introduce the carbs very slowly back into my diet while decreasing fat intake.

    protein stays around the same or even a bit less while i'm using creatine.

    i had severe bloat once at a BBQ (from over eating) & a friend of mine's wife said to drink a few glasses of water with a squeeze of lemon juice & it worked!!!! bloat went away.

    thought i might try the same thing here & lo & behold the bloat went away.

    i'd be very interested to see if it works on someone else.


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