favorite raw pump sup

  1. favorite raw pump sup

    Whats your guys favorite pump supplement? I'm not looking for products like vein, or hemivol. I'm talking about argenine, or citurline.

  2. Agmatine for me.

  3. what the opinion on Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate - AAKG 2:1

  4. Its garbage for a pump product.... where are you from?
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  5. Potassium nitrate
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  6. Quote Originally Posted by hvactech View Post
    Its garbage for a pump product.... where are you from?

    Agree on Arginine

  7. Anateus just dropped something. It's on NP site.

  8. Potassium nitrate

  9. Arginine always improved my pumps. I know it lacks certain scientific data to support increases in nitrous oxide and a lot of people conform to the forum's status quo by saying it's junk. I agree that generally it doesn't help one's overall progress, but it does give me increased pump when I lift... I wouldn't buy something just for increased pump. Something that increased stamina would be far more beneficial... Most people shouldn't need supplement help for pumps, unless I suppose the idea is to momentarily appear larger than normal outside of the gym.

  10. For the record, the craziest pumps I ever got was from an Erase + EndoSurge stack I used... The pump I got in my arm was so increased that it was borderline annoying when I lifted.

  11. I'm from the detroit area. I'm just looking for something new to try. Arginine works good for me and agmetine gives me a killer deep headache.

  12. I'm gonna try some complete products I collect from the Arnold next weekend.

  13. Agmatine and GMS.

  14. Agmatine, Nitrates, GMS, ArA, Anacyclus P.
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  15. GMS and Nitrates.
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  16. GMS and PLCAR

  17. Glycergrow preworkout with a ton of water is hard to beat.

  18. Quote Originally Posted by bolt10 View Post
    Agmatine, Nitrates, GMS, ArA, Anacyclus P.
    These plus citrulline

  19. Agmatine, nitrates, citrulline malate

  20. X gels (ArA) is the best pump product by far IMO. Stack with agmatine oh lawd.
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  21. Agmatine, nitrates or Xgels

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  22. gms ftw
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  23. GDA's with preworkout meal and agmatine

    never tried GMS or nitrates on its own so cant speak on them

  24. Quote Originally Posted by mzakarian View Post
    GDA's with preworkout meal and agmatine

    never tried GMS or nitrates on its own so cant speak on them
    GMS is tough to beat. Granted, it is more of a superficial pump with not much for ergogenic effects.

  25. I will send y'all samples of Swole if you want to try a pure pump product!! Email me at [email protected] You can also find it on Nutraplanet.com
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