Halo or Epi? Looking to put together a good cycle

  1. Halo or Epi? Looking to put together a good cycle

    Hey fellas. 39yo athlete here looking to do a Halo or Epi cycle and put together a well thought out on cycle and PCT. I have done prohormones in the past, 1-ad and Mag-10 by Biotest ( now discontinued). I still have an original bottle of Superdrol by Designer Supplements but I'm aware how strong it is, hence I'm not into taking it at this point. Forums have suggested a Halo or Epi cycle is good to go to get back in the game. I have looked through the forums and have seen different cycle logs and different PCT's so I'm reaching out for input. Thanks fellas

    Weight: 235
    Height: 5'10
    Diet: Clean with sufficient water intake
    Work out regularly and also play organized lacrosse

  2. You'll get answers in the anabolic section

  3. 500mg Test with a SD jump start
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by gmanall View Post
    You'll get answers in the anabolic section
    Yes head over to anabolic section please. This doesn't belong here.

  5. Thanks guys. Re-posted it there.



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