any problems w/ triazole/rhodioa/endosurge turbo?

  1. any problems w/ triazole/rhodioa/endosurge turbo?

    I've been taking triazole and am wondering if the endosurge turbo would be complimentary to this taken at the same time for max hormonal modulation?

    I'm thinking yes....but is there any contradictions between the two? And for that matter daa (which im about to stop).

    My main concern is that i've been taking high dose rhodiola for a the natty maoi properties of rho strong enough to cause problems with the mucuna in the endosurge turbo? If so, do I need to wait two weeks or so after quitting rho for it to clear to begin taking anything mucuna/dopa related?


  2. bumping this. i havent taken rho in a couple months now. but i am still wondering about how wary i need to be about the potential effects of the mucuna in the endosurge turbo as i am about to start that

    im obviously not going to combine it with any other supp that has mucuna/ldopa in it but what about other supp/dietary maoi or other contradictions?


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