Any Feedback for Superpump 250

  1. Any Feedback for Superpump 250

    Anyone use Gaspari's Superpump 250??

  2. Love the avatar, man.

    As for Gaspari, I would never buy their stuff just because prcing always seems way too high. You could probably buy all the crap that's in there in bulk and get the same effects. Probably better considering you'd be able to get better dosing per serving. That's one of the major problems with products like that, they try to cram so much into the thing that you get ineffective doses all around.

  3. i had a review for it do a search.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by good_guye28
    i had a review for it do a search.
    Thanks for the heads up..I use No-xplode, but fell into the hype of
    superpump250, I won't be trying now I know..

  5. Same formula as NO-xplode, but god awful taste.

  6. i got absolutely nothing from the superpump, the NOExplode is wicked stuff.....


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