Whats causing diarrhea pwo or creatine?

  1. Whats causing diarrhea pwo or creatine?

    Hello AM ppl...
    I am in need of some help on finding out what is causing me to get diarrhea. I thought I had pin point the cause but its back again. Here is what I was taking b4 I thought I had pin point the cause.

    Usplabs prime
    Purus labs condence
    Nutraplanet creatine Mono

    All of the 3 supps are new to me first time taking them from that brand. I have taken pwos with stims b4 and have done eca stack in the past so I know it is not the caffeine. I have also taken pwo with creatine mono b4 and also used the german creatine so I doubt its that thats causing the problem.

    I stopped taking all three supps for a week and within days I was back to normal. So I decied to start again but this time I had eliminated the prime thinking since I had used pwos with caffeine and creatine mono b4 it would help stop the diarrhea.

    Well guess what. ITS BACK!

    What do u guys think is causing the sh****.

    At least now I know its not the prime.

    I did google on mono and seems ppl do get the poops from mono.
    I also google one of the ingredients from condence (beaine anhydrous) and it seems to cause diarrhea on some ppl.

  2. It is most likely the betaine from condense

  3. Quote Originally Posted by mr.cooper69 View Post
    It is most likely the betaine from condense
    I kinda figure after I google about it. I just wasnt sure either if it was the mono cuz most pwo have small amounts of mono vs what I am taking 5g. Looks like Ill have to finish my last of enhanced which I have about 10 scoops left. Thanks for the reply.

  4. Could be Prime too. This happened to me and I have seen it happen to a few other people.
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  5. Just because you have taken forms of a pwo and creatine in the past, doesn't mean that they're not the cause now. Everybody is different, so the easiest thing to do is eliminate all of them for a week or at least a few days and begin adding in one of them at a time. Add one back in and take it for a week (or again, at least a few days) before adding in the next one.
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