AnimalPak Flex containing shellfish?

  1. AnimalPak Flex containing shellfish?

    Hi, I have a friend that is a professional athlete and she receives a pack of pills from Animal Pak Flex everyday. She doesn't want to take them and I would love to try them out, especially for free! My main concern is that I am allergic to all seafood (crab, salmon, anything that swims). I've read that this pack contains shellfish. Is there anyway someone would be able to tell me which pills contain it? Would I be able to utilize the other pills in the pack? I know this might sound dumb, but I'd like to take advantage of a free product if I can. Thanks for your help

  2. I'm not sure it is worth the risk, although that depends on how severe your allergies are. Even if you could find out which pill has the shellfish, the other pills have been rubbing up against it.
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  3. Very true. Thanks. I just hate not utilizing anything that comes for free haha

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