What to use in regards to parachuting powders?

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    Oh it is lol.

    I would love to have some people put up some videos of them throwing back bulk Berberine straight.
    I've done that when I opened recompadril into iced tea

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    Maybe silk tea bags? I think they're something like 60% aminos, so I assume they could be digested?


    Maybe coat your tongue in candle wax?

    That made me think of maybe getting a mini ice cube tray, filling halfway with unsweetened chocolate, dosing in each, and filling the rest of the way.

    Which raises the point: Why not just make supplement ice cubes?
    I like some of your ideas, tho a little time consuming! I can take some bulks, but in terms of something like Cissus I like to take 5g per day. I am going to look into the idea of silk bags as it's interesting!

    Quote Originally Posted by David Dunn View Post
    Please elaborate on the debilitating side effects of consuming paper...

    I just read it can be dangerous and cause some issues in the stomach in some people, I figure if you're doing it every other day it can't be good long term.

  3. Having done a single scoop of cissus recently, I can see why you cats hate it, let alone like 7 scoops... I tried dropping it in my mouth and chasing it, and doing it as a shot... oddly, chasing it was easier. Might try ice cubes.

    Pudding cubes? Tell me cissus couldn't disappear at least a little into a Snack Pack. Yoghurt cubes? Unflavored gelatin? Cissus gummies?

  4. Beberine is easily the worst tasting supp ive ever had to endure swallowing, mixing it with a small amount of oximega greens masks the taste surprisingly well
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  5. Wait could someone explain the process and purpose to 'parachuting'?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by dramallama View Post
    Wait could someone explain the process and purpose to 'parachuting'?
    Using paper (usually toilet paper) to wrap your bulk powder and take it like caps/tabs instead of capping it.

  7. Unless it's something that you want to dose away from carbs, toss it in a spoonful of applesauce and slam it. Won't even taste it.

  8. If it's berberine I'm sure you can taste it even in apple sauce. Having said that I've never tired apple sauce for any powder.

  9. Anyone found any new suggestions? I tried RICE PAPER, doesn't work! LOL

    I wish someone would create like editable silk teabags!

  10. Grapefruit juice....or google empty 00 capsules, or empty 000 capsules (they are huge)
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  11. I do a little water + MIO (whatever flavor you like - orange for me a strong). Mix it and then plug your nose --> chug.
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