Help out!

  1. Help out!

    I've, been working on building a community forum for a organization to help veterans... It still need some work, but since a lot of you guys have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to supplements, I was wondering if you guys could join up to help give people fitness advice. I basically need some guys willing to help give out fitness advice to people, and maybe help create stickies ect or just guys that wont to be part another online community. Forums

  2. Disclaimer: Not trying to be a dick!!! Why don't you just send them here?
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by Aleksandar37 View Post
    Disclaimer: Not trying to be a dick!!! Why don't you just send them here?
    Honestly never really considered that... Regardless, I also wanted to create a community that can talk about non fitness related stuff. Such as there military carriers ect. Also, one of the groups being targeted for this forum are people with mental health issues like PTSD, because I want to help get them into living a healthy lifestyle. Though, I also wanted to be able to provide them a private section that they can talk among themselves without having to worry...

  4. That sounds really cool, especially the PTSD part.
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  5. Thanks man been working hard on building/designing the forum. As well as trying get a forum base going of experienced guys to help with providing advice for the rest of the members. Hopefully I can get at least 40-50 guys to join up in the next week, because over the next month there are going to be a bunch of military members and just general people joining up that are going to be needed advice ect.

  6. Currently running a giveaway for everyone who registers.


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