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    This has absolutely nothing to do with hyperkalemia-induced cardiotoxicity.

    Elevated serum K+ (as seen in the potassium injections) causes hypoexcitability of voltage gated sodium channels due to inactivation by creating a pseudo-depolarized state. This makes it virtually impossible to fire action potentials across the SA-AV-Purkinje system, causing arrhythmia and death. Cells don't "implode." They may shrink due to hypertonicity, but this would not be observed with potassium since it is an inctracellular osmolyte.
    Blah blah blah. My potassium pump is bigger then yours.

  2. OP stop being so defiant. It's stupid and as Cooper said it's very dangerous. Stop relying on supplements to get your needs. Go eat some freaking food.

    Go watch Layne Norton's latest vlog, he talks about how dangerous potassium supplementation is. It can kill you!!

  3. To skew this back on topic - the use of supplements mfg for animals can pose their own health related issues, but then again isn't it the same if not better than anything from China thats not validated ? want to see my version of a cut and paste COA...


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