New preworkout formulas and blood pressure - personal findings

  1. New preworkout formulas and blood pressure - personal findings

    just wanted to give you guys a heads up on some of the newer preworkout formulas. as someone who has battled borderline HBP, i'm always looking after it and trying to steer clear of things that raise it, however, for those in the same boat as me who have theirs somewhat under control, be careful when combining newer preworkout formulas with nitrates and lots of stuff for pump, as i think they may have lowered mine too much.

    basically, i've battled HBP for a while, and most recently went to the doctor when my home monitor was reading no less than 145/90, and as high as 150/105... went to the doctor and got a reading of 128/88, which is good for me and he basically told me my cuff is too tight because it's made for upwards of 13.5 inch arm, and mine is 16" relaxed. went back a couple months later after improving my diet even more and it was 110/78.

    i've had some hawthorn berry and ubiquinol just sitting in my cabinet, so i figured i'd use it because a) i didn't want it to go to waste, and b) i've been eating a lot worse now that i've been working and can't prepare my own meals at lunch. additionally, i've been alternating between hemavol and jacked micro for the past couple of weeks along with 100mg ubiquinol and upwards of 900mg hawthorn extract (3 pills a day) along with my high-potassium diet. lately i've been feeling lightheaded at the gym, and figured it was my blood sugar dropping or dehydration or something because it's been so hot recently and i've been sweating like crazy.

    anyway, today, as i was about to pop my 2nd hawthorn pill, i figured i'd take my blood pressure because the dizziness came on pretty hard post-workout. my monitor, which was reading 10-20 points high compared to the doctor gave me a reading at 109/76. that kind of freaked me out because i imagined it was much lower than that, took it again, and it was 118/85. hopefully there wasn't a full 10-20 point discrepancy as 89/56 and 98/65 would be scary low for me.

    so i just wanted to post my findings and give a warning to other guys in similar a similar situation as i am - preworkouts that effectively induce vasodilation or contain nitrates might not be ideal if you're taking other things to control your blood pressure. needless to say, i'm going to drop the hawthorn extract and ubiquinol (i probably didn't need them in the first place) and monitor my BP while on these pwo's.

    just wanted to share my findings with you guys.

  2. on a side note - back when i was trying to lower my BP (i thought it was high as a result of my home monitor), just 500mg a day of agmatine caused a noted reduction. at 1g agmatine and 6g citrulline i was getting lightheaded, which went away when i cut back.

    now i'm glad i switched doctors back when my old doctor wanted to put me on meds for a reading of 145/88. he gave me 1 week to "get it down", which caused immense anxiety, and when that 1 week was up and it still wasn't down, i had to plead with him to give me 1 month.... i never went back... now here i am complaining that natural remedies and a good diet have lowered it too much! haha.

  3. Interesting. Thanks for sharing.
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  4. I have naturally low bp so it does prohibit me to consume high quantities of vasodilators. I've only tried nitrates a few times and haven't really liked the effects thus far, but only because they have been in formulas. I'm going to try and get my hands on some KNO3 and see how dosing it solo will work.
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  5. let us know how it goes. i'm always interested in supplements that will help to lower bp... i just figure it may not be wise to stack a whole lot of them



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