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ForumAdmin shut down DS Craze Lawsuit and FDA Action until new info became released.

I don't know if this qualifies as new info. Very cool that they are doing it through CAHS though.

From the DS Website:

"Driven Sports has heavily invested in double blind, placebo-controlled human trials involving Craze® to show safety and efficacy. To date, three safety studies in human subjects have been completed for Craze®. These include investigating health parameters under acute dosing conditions, as well as a six-week chronic dosing study.

Currently, a fourth safety study is in progress examining Craze® in greater detail. DS hopes to have preliminary results of this study before the summer. Upon completion Driven Sports is looking to have these studies published in peer-reviewed journals as soon as possible to support their validity.

The studies are being conducted at The Center for Applied Health Sciences (CAHS), an industry leading, interdisciplinary (MDs, PhDs, RDs, and allied health professionals) full-service research & development center.

The Center for Applied Health Sciences (CAHS) commends Driven Sports for sponsoring multiple original clinical research trials on safety and efficacy measures of their actual finished product CRAZE® in a population that reflects the demographics of their typical consumer; as opposed to simply relying on isolated ingredient-specific data.

CAHS went on to say, “Moreover, it is important that they are investing in developing a body of evidence to validate and substantiate their product with a diverse set of treatment conditions---from acute dosing in product-naive subjects to more sustained use over a longer duration. This comprehensive approach to research is particularly unique within the pre-workout supplement category, yet these very questions over safety have grown increasingly important given the heightened concern and vigilance over potential for adverse events in products that contain ingredients with stimulant properties.”

“Elevating the standards of evidence-based dietary supplementation continues to be a major focus of CAHS, and the research commitments of Driven Sports currently reflect those values."

CAHS designs and conducts human clinical trials--from initial study design and protocol development to data collection/analysis/interpretation through scientific conference presentations and peer-reviewed medical/scientific manuscript preparation. CAHS caters to dietary supplement, nutraceutical ingredient, medical food and pharmaceutical/biotechnology industries."