LOST in the world of bodybuilding.

  1. LOST in the world of bodybuilding.

    Hey folks ! New to this site, it seems great so far ! Anyway, my problem is, I'm kinda lost in the world of bodybuilding. I know, you shouldn't make a big deal out of it, but I like to hear your recommendations on this one ! So, lately, I've been taking Gaspari MyoFusion Probiotic Whey Protein Blend, and MusclePharmŪ Creatine Matrix. So, my only problem is the duration (When to take them). I've heard that you can take Creatine at any time, you want. When it comes to Whey Protein, the best time to take is Post-workout ! Anyway, I know you have many recommendations, and I want you to share that with me, please ! I KNOW, that it doesn't really matter, I just want to hear your opinions. And I want to know if there's someone who take their supplements like me, half pre, half post ! Or is it a bad idea ? Help. Thank you. And also, want to hear your opinion on mixing Creatine with whey blend, or take them separately. Thanks for your time.

    My own recommendation:
    Gym-Days: 2.5g of Creatine in the morning (Pre-Workout) (Gym in the morning)
    2.5g of Creatine mixed with 2 scoops of Whey protein blend (Post-Workout)

    Rest-Days: 5g of Creatine mixed with 1 scoop of Whey protein blend first thing in the morning

    That's my point of view. If you have any other recommendation, share it with me !

    Thank you for reading. Have a great day

  2. What you are doing is probably fine. If it was me I would just dump the creatine in my post workout shake. Your levels should already be saturated before you workout so taking it after will replenish them. Either way though it probably won't make a huge difference. I would rather just take it all at once for convenience.

    As for the whey, take it whenever you want especially post workout. Use it to supplement whatever amount you need to meet your daily protein requirement that you couldn't get from food for the day.

  3. Whey before bed always leans me out the next morning

  4. As you said, doesnt matter. If u choose a shake over food for post work out, then take it then
    Performax Labs Product Specialist

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