Coming off a cycle

  1. Coming off a cycle

    So I've been off my pro hormone cycle for about 2 weeks and on my PCT liver cleaner and all! How would I not pop on a drug test if there testing for steroids!? Any help or advice is well needed!

  2. What are you taking for PCT, and what organization is testing you? Is it for a job or for a sport?
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  3. I'm taking the finaflex PCT and liver cleaner and milk thistle but it's for military!

  4. You're most likely being tested for recreational drugs (5 panel or 10 panel drug test) so you don't have anything to worry about. In the event that you are being tested for anabolics or other drugs, nothing in Finaflex will pop up. What pro hormone did you take? If it comforts you at all, steroid testing is expensive and the military/government has made huge cutbacks due to the sequester. I highly doubt they are going to fork out the extra cash to test you for it.
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  5. I'm taking p-max and furazadrol together but I only took it for about 2 weeks then stopped and started my PCT (didn't like the results to it) so I've been stressing

  6. I'm taking furazadrol and p-max but for about 2 weeks then started my PCT and liver cleaners (didn't like the results or feeling) so I'm just stressing a bit

  7. Furazadrol and p-max is what I was taking but only for about 2 weeks and stopped I didn't like how I felt on it and makes all my joints hurt! So basically I'm on my pct and liver cleaner and been off for about 2 weeks now!


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