Sleeping troubles. Sleep aid supplement without nightmares?

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  1. I want to thank all who replied to the topic trying to help me.

    Meanwhile, i ordered 3Z from AI but iīm still waiting for it.. It takes almost a month from USA to Portugal

    Currently, it seems my sleep and anxiety are a little better that a month ago, but itīs a slow process and unfortunately i know this can change for worse in a instant.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by DoubleM101 View Post

    Since a few months, iīm having a lot of sleeping troubles.

    I donīt know if itīs related but suffer from general anxiety disorder and agoraphobia with panic attacks. However, sleeping was never affected by that.

    It used to be the best part of the day, when i finally could rest my mind.

    Now, iīm having trouble to fall asleep and wake a lot of times during the night (sometimes only 2 or 3h after) without falling asleep again for a while. As if not enough i have very vivid dreams and the most of them nighmares.

    On the next day i wake tired with the feeling i havenīt rested. Even if i wake up for myself and not with the alarm. Theres some nights i only sleep 5 hours, wake up and canīt sleep more. Other nights, i fall asleep again after a while and sleep during the morning which messes even more with my sleep cycles.

    Iīm really confused because from what i know, the nightmares/vivid dreams occur during the REM sleep, but it seems i canīt get deep sleep like i should.

    I donīt know if itīs important to say, but the way i fall asleep better is watching tv series and/movies on computer. I know it isnīt recommended but if i wonīt watch anything i turn and turn on the bed and nothing..

    Iīd like to know your opinion and if theres any supplement i could try to improve my sleep. Iīve tried some in the past and almost of them induce me vivid dreams/nightmares and those i already have. On the beginning can be funny but not after a while. I woke up even more anxious.

    So, do you know of any sleep aid supplement that could help me to have a deeper sleep and could eliminate the nightmares? I think this seems a non sense question but i really like to hear your opinion.

    Smoke weed. Some indica



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