Test Powder/ Anabeta....Difference?

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  1. took test powder with 90mg 6 bromo a few weeks, thinking it would be a great natty stack.. after 1 week of daily supershaits 10-20 minutes after taking testpowder..I started to feel weaker and less horny... .but as soon as I went off, everything improved, libido, vascularity, dryness...so probably does not work if it just runs through me.. does not get absorbed...
    So I just think I have to give up DAA, I`ve tried them all, and they all wreck havoc on my angus.. well Ronnie Colemans testogen rx was not as bad. and it tasted 100x better... but didn`t do anything worth paying for..

    6bromo or 6oxo at lower doses really kicks erase`s &ss-- but then again, its cheaper and easier to get where I live than erase....so I just use it now and then... not too effective, but does help on shedding water and keeping my estrogen in check..

    DAA, a great colon cleanser though...

  2. What a great community this site has, you guys are all so helpful! Cheers.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Hyperfluxe View Post
    What a great community this site has, you guys are all so helpful! Cheers.
    No problem! If you have any other questions feel free to post or PM!
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  4. I would like to add that a friend of mine uses daa 14 days on/off various types, he used to hace problems with constapation, but this was a miracle cure. Not only does it normalize his colon, but he also feels it works in the gym too.
    test powder and testogen being his favorites.
    to be honest, i haven t seen any changes in his body, but he says he feels more "manly" ... But thats generally what testboosters will do, building alot of muscle, they are not powerful enough in the short run.. But a year pushing a few more reps here and there might add up to a few more lbs gained than without:-)

  5. Quote Originally Posted by bdcc View Post
    P.S. blue raspberry Test Powder and you will be bi-winning like Charlie Sheen.
    Stack that with Blue Razz Enhanced for the Uber WIN!!!

  6. Quote Originally Posted by d1sc1ple View Post
    Stack that with Blue Razz Enhanced for the Uber WIN!!!
    I haven't tried this. My TP ran out before my Enhanced got here.

    FYI, Blue Raspberry TP + 9g citrulline malate + 5g ALCAR all mixed in a glass is one of my most sour things I have ever tried. I highly recommend it if you want something zingy lol.
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