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    There is literally not a single study on "intraworkout" supplementation (period)/BCAA use, and for good reason. Taking anything p.o. while exercising will result in a drop in absorption/delivery.

    Conversely, every study of leucine/BCAAs showing positive effects of supplementation involved taking them preworkout for performance enhancement (gluconeo/ketogenesis) or taking them pre/post workout (for a threshold level of plasma concentrations of leucine to be reached (scaled HED: 0.045-0.065g/kg BW Leu)). Taking BCAAs during exercise/over the course of a workout inhibits both such effects.

    Epinephrine acts as a block on insulin release during exercise, and taking highly insulinogenic BCAAs while actually performing exercise defeats the entire purpose of using BCAAs, which are:

    1. To spike protein synthesis via leucine signaling
    2. To improve performance via high ketogenic/gluconeogenic potential of BCAAs
    3. To possibly reduce tryptophan delivery to the brain via the shared aromatic/branched chain amino acid transporter, resulting in decreased fatigue (sufficient plasma levels of BCAAs wouldn't be reached by drinking them throughout the workout)
    So...what, if anything, do you recommend taking intra?

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    So whats the verdict. BCAA supplementation is useless or useful, and if useful, when? Pre workout, post workout, etc...
    bcaa supplementation can be useful at any time, given the proper context and implementation

    if you are speaking of the pre/intra/post timeframe only, then some generalities can be made:
    bcaa preWO, is most optimal
    bcaa postWO, again nice (altho there are other alternatives that i find more appealing - unless, you are consuming say a bcaa+small amount of dextrose immediately postWO, and then eating a full postWO meal ~30-60min later)
    bcaa intraWO is still viable, despite what you may read otherwise..again, application is primary, and when within the workout you are consuming these will have more to do with effectiveness/efficacy, than simply drinking thruout session)

    Quote Originally Posted by AngryOldMan View Post
    So...what, if anything, do you recommend taking intra?
    don't get angry, old man, but i will give my .02 here (not trying to step on coop's answer to you at all)..
    electrolytes combined with proper mineral intake are probably your top items (and most generally overlooked) for true performance enhancement, all things being equal..surely other things can be useful, but this simply has no peer in performance dept

  3. I do much prefer to drink regular cold water during workout. Nothing beats that.
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  4. i tend to drink them pre/intra/post. lately ive been adding karbolyn to post aminos.
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    i tend to drink them pre/intra/post. lately ive been adding karbolyn to post aminos.
    I love karbolyn post workout!
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  6. thanks guys for the help. i ordered a tub of Compete to try.

  7. You won't be disappointed. The lemon drop taste like crystal light

  8. Quote Originally Posted by VinceNC View Post
    thanks guys for the help. i ordered a tub of Compete to try.
    Be sure to let us know what you think - your opinion is valuable, and we're ready to hear it!


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