What do you look for in a protein powder?

  1. What do you look for in a protein powder?

    Grams of protein per serving? Minimum being what 20,22,26gr?



    Sweetener used?


    BCAA profile?

    Extras? Creatine, DAA, NO

    Price per pound?

    Flavor? Which is the most popular?

  2. That the title says:

    XF Ultra Peptide 2.0 or iForce Protein.

    Other than that, how many carbs (if I wanna keep them under my direct control) , protein sources (Whey , Blend, egg whites or beef) , that it has no needless extras las creatine or DAA or stuff like that...That it is cheap (or cheaper) and it tastes good.

    Other than that...if I am gonna go for Price per pound I'll take steak, salmon, lobster, shrimp and venison over powders ANY day of the week/year.
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  3. Grams....

    Example if I have a protein that's serving size is 45g but only has 20g of protein per serving well then wth lol

    I like my protein at 30g serving size of total ingredients with 28g of protein
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  4. Price, taste, protein content.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by aaronuconn View Post
    Price, taste, protein content.
    XF Ultra Peptide 2.0 and iForce Protein.
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  6. Quote Originally Posted by Celorza View Post
    XF Ultra Peptide 2.0 and iForce Protein.
    Could never argue with you with those two selections. Arguably the two best tasting proteins on the market (still haven't tried Protizyme).

  7. There are certain benefits from different kinds of protein and recently have been taking in blends of protein if im not prepping for a show. If im prepping i like to use isolates because the the macros are awesome and usually get a good amount of protein per scoop. I will first look at the type of protein, grams of fat, carbs, calories. Grams of protein isnt a huge deal to me like the other things i have stated. Has to mix well, and taste good of course.
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  8. Quality, price, serving size, taste.

  9. First thing I look for is the scooper
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  10. Quote Originally Posted by FL3X MAGNUM View Post
    First thing I look for is the scooper
    If the scoop is huge and the protein content is low, trash that baby boy


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