MCT oil and ketosis

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    Morning and preworkout. Be warned, start with 1 table spoon because it will kill your Gi tract if you're not used to it. Work your way up to 3-4 table spoons if you can handle it.
    yep, definitely don't just jump into deep end of the pool, its not a good feeling.

  2. @The Solution knows a lot about mct oil. He helped me with a diet on it back in an older thread. I replaced about 200-300 kcal with mct oil during
    Bulk and maintained my leanness

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    interesting, i noticed this when i supplemented with mct oil as well in a post workout shake, followed by a high carb + pro meal an hour later, now that i think about it. i actually scrapped it to add a bit more size while on cycle with real food. see if no mct will make a big difference. def throwing it back in when i cut
    I'm using it now to get a few more calories in and it's working well. Also it's a great thermo'

  4. Quote Originally Posted by SauceMonkey22 View Post
    true. i mean i am recomping right now, maybe i'll toss it in to get kcals up and recomp even more? think that would work?
    Yeah it would. Mct oil has a different pathway than regular triglycerides. Add some in little by little and if you look like you're gaining fat then stop. But I doubt you wil, the thermo effect should help lean you eat while gaining Mass from the exta calories.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by SauceMonkey22 View Post
    Never understood how that worked. Leaning out while adding mass from an oil
    Because it's a thermogenic and it's 7 calories from fat. However it's MCt, it's pathway and ending point is different. I forgot the mechanism for it though, but it isn't stored.

  6. It's bc of the structural make up of the fat, different from other bc it's a shorter chained triglyceride. In short, you're body's like WTF?!?
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  7. Quote Originally Posted by SauceMonkey22 View Post
    Interesting. So you get 100 calories for example so to speak, but it'll either be used for energy or pissed out? I usually kean bulk at 2,600 cals. Maybe I'll toss in a daily tablespoon while on cycle and head to 2,700 cals. 2,700 is when I usually start to add fat though. I have NOW MCT oil
    I have that too. You ever get nauseous from it?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by JD261985 View Post
    I have that too. You ever get nauseous from it?
    that's why they recommended to start with a single tablespoon. if you take too much its hard on the gutz!
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