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    Hey guys

    Ive began a cutting, and while doing so ill be trying to preserve as much musclemass as possible!
    Thats why i am really into supplements and having a great stack to assist me keep them muscles while still getting rid of some fat.

    My stack so far is:
    Protein: Dymatize Elite whey
    Protein: FA whey
    Preworkout: Driven sports Craze
    Creatine: On mono
    BA: Iforce Beta-alanine
    Hormone support: Primaforce Daa
    Libido/hormone support: Driven sports Activate Xtreme

    1. Is kinda meal replacement, since i IF i take 1 in the morning and 1 after my workout
    2. Is my preworkout stack, first craze and after about 20min ba-creatine
    3. Is Hormone support, i take 1Ax in the morning and 1Ax before at dinner / Daa randomly

    Ive just ran out of my Bcaa intraworkout drink; Xtend. Over all great product good taste, but as far as effectiveness its hard to tell. When a persons diet is at 100% its kinda a question if a Bcaa is needed.

    So what would you guys put into this stack, as far as helping me build muscle, strength, hardness, look, drive! every product in every catagory are welcome. What would you add?

  2. whats with all the "hormone" references? supplements per se wont maintain the mass like a well dialed in diet.
    Nutraceutical Innovations
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  3. SNS Reduce XT.
    I'm Back...

  4. androdrive but its gone. maybe that new focus product if it stacks up but who knows. id also take out beta alanine because i dont like the tinglings in my ballsack. and why do you need libido support? id replace that with erase, the libido crusher. erase + daa is pretty good

  5. Quote Originally Posted by hvactech View Post
    whats with all the "hormone" references? supplements per se wont maintain the mass like a well dialed in diet.
    with that being said look into Formutech Nutrition's growth stack, gf-t21 works very well with daa....
    Nutraceutical Innovations
    AMINDS15 - 15% code

  6. well, i got alot of the products from a friend that had to leave an serve in another contry. So he simply gave me his products, none had been opened

    So i created this little stack, and decided to throw somestuff togetter in trying to assist me. Ive been off the mega-supplement stacks but now that i am IFing, being way to active, and working out almost everyday im just looking to find some assistance as much as possible.

    Well since i havent mentioned my diet i can ensure your that its 100% 220g protein 40% 40% 20% and 500calories below maintainces, so everything should be in check as far as that goes.

  7. Formutech!

  8. Only heard good stuff about this company, they recently changed name from fahreinheit to formutech.

    What is Animal m-stak / stak, alot of sites are selling good amounts of it. Ive never been hooked by the claims, or company but is it legit and why does it stand out, if it does?

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Profion View Post

    what about it? if you have those products on hand then it will fine with your layout
    Nutraceutical Innovations
    AMINDS15 - 15% code

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Clickster View Post
    SNS Reduce XT.

    great option. could also add IGF 2, Erase (or Erase Pro).
    Performax Labs Product Specialist

  11. Quote Originally Posted by R1balla

    great option. could also add IGF 2, Erase (or Erase Pro).
    Haven't used igf 2 but erase would fit in well with his stack


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