Natty boosters?

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  1. Welcome!!! Will chime in more later (off to gym shortly) but just to are looking for something to help you burn fat, build muscle, and give you some energy?? Have you checked out my log in the Sponsor section?? I have been using several Lecheek product's to help me retain/build muscle and burn fat. Check it out if you'd like. The link is my signature.

    Could you post your diet for the day?? Curious what your eating and when.....might help out a bit!!

  2. Quote Originally Posted by antihero View Post
    Clinical data has shown that it is worthless for fatloss.

    Theres a 1 year long study in which daily dosing led to 1lb total weight loss.

    Save your money and invest it in something more useful.

    I have read where it might help lower cortisol levels???



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