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    Quote Originally Posted by JudoJosh View Post
    On toxicity -

    Despite treating with silymarin nolva appears to still be quite hepatoxic

    As for effects on estrogen, yes nolva has the potential to be an aromatase inhibitor ( but this is not necessarily a good thing. Remember the goal in PCT is to restore a normal and healthy endocrine system and completely shutting down estrogen is not going to help with this as you are going to need to have some (normal) amount of estrogen. Hell one might even argue that nolva use can actually SLOW your HPTA recovery.

    Lastly, considering we have actual evidence for clomid and its efficiacy for the treatment hypogonadism-

    I maintain, clomid is the clear choice here
    Quote Originally Posted by JudoJosh View Post
    Some more on nolva

    On non-alcoholic fatty liver disease -

    On impotence -
    As I mentioned earlier the issue I was addressing is the matter of best for testosterone stimulation.

    Additionally, the references you present support your claims of novla toxicity. I cannot believe that clomid dosed at 5x is free of any adverse liver and occular toxicity. While I am sure that it is also toxic I am not going to research and post references as I have not presented any stance on toxicity of either so I have no need to support it.

    To the inverse, show us (without a bias search) how non-toxic clomid is at 5x the dose of nolva.
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    Dont think anyone cares but i found the thread, Havoc Write-up
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    Quote Originally Posted by Legacykid View Post
    Dont think anyone cares but i found the thread, Havoc Write-up
    ha ~~repped

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    So I'm doing my research and up pops this thread! Which In The end has only brought confusion at least to me haha..
    I'm running a test e cycle and I was pretty sure I wanted to run tamoxifen citrate.. Seeing how it has low toxic issues in comparison to clomid. Especially ocular issues. I'm already blind as hell! So would the recommendation be tamoxifen? Simple cycle..

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