preworkouts that affects libido... jack3d micro?

  1. preworkouts that affects libido... jack3d micro?

    I`ve tried many. Some seem to enhance libido, others crush it due to 1.3 dim, while some crush it for no ingridient listed on the box.

    Tested jack3d micro yesterday 1,5 scoops.
    Took its time 30-45 mins on an empty stomach. My eyes where wide open for hours! Felt very awake with this. And I drink over 10-15 cups of coffee a day, so it aint the caffeine... pump became very good.
    Weird is I failed many of my sets early due to pump and insane burn.
    Pump lasted for about an hour after workoing out.
    Thats new. Also my "thingy" wanted my girlfriend right after training..... boosted libido when it lasted.
    But after a few hours and even until the next day it was stim dick from another planet! I have woken up with superhard morning wood every day for atleast 3 months, this morning, just nothing..

    I really like the effect in the gym, anyone got a clue which ingredient in Jak3d micro that can have a delayed stim dick effect? or perhaps they added something "not listed" ...hmm

    Other preworkouts used :

    Jack3d and all other 1.3 dim types. Nice energy boots, decent pumps, crash from hell. stimdick rest of the day...

    Superpump 2 , little effects in general, no sides or superdumps...

    1.M.R the original (or the new 1,3 dim free) Good energy, good pumps, good libido.No stimdick

    Neurocore, same as above, just a bit more energy and less pump. But very clean energy and I like it. Works every time.

    White flood 1 and 2, Good pumps and energy, no stimdick. a small crash.

    Craze, first version I got, insane... long lasting weird stim dick. Made me question the ingredients on the box.
    Craze, newer batch... nothing.

    Hemavol... smooth energy, no kick to get energy to start the workout, but great during. Libido super enhanced. Used several times a week, I think my "thingy" got a bit bigger... or just maxed out every time , even my girlfriend commented on it.

    Arginine alone, great for libido.

    Vasotropin. A bit hit and miss, somedays super pumps and great vascularity, others just ok. Depended very much on food taken with it.
    Great for libido.

    In other words, besides the ones with 1.3 dim, only craze and jacke3d micro has given stim dick for no reason.

  2. I like how Micro gives a great pump and clean energy. Great product. I would probably cut out the coffee while using Micro though because of the stimulants. Too many stimulants could mess with the adrenals and mess with cortisol levels.

  3. Another friend of mine tried it this weekend, I talked to him today, he said it also gave him stim dick. Which was the reason he cut the original jack3d. It dissapointed him, he too did not expect that from this version either.

    Coffee does not effect me much, I drink double espressos before going to bed...

    Other than the libido issue, I really like Jack3d micro, got to tubs, but think I`ll sell the other to a friend who never got stim dick from any preworkout. It was not any better than hemavol, 1.m.r or neurcore... which gives me no issues whatsoever..

  4. Anything that contains large amount of stimulants (ie caffeine) or designers can effect libido to a point.
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  5. I took just one scoop today, this time i waited 35 minutes until training. I got really fired up, great energy and pump. And best of all , no stim dick at all, just as good as with hemavol.
    so it might just be very strong, since just ond scoop delivered


  6. I have never experienced a difference in libido due to a preworkout.

    Maybe I am a weirdo?
    I'm Back...

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Clickster View Post
    I have never experienced a difference in libido due to a preworkout.

    Maybe I am a weirdo?
    the only pre workout that i have taken that has an effect on libido is lit up because it contains DAA.
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  8. Ive never taken ones that effect my libido...but some are known to give speeder peter

    The jack3d micro doesnt do this for me...some DMAA products did if they had a ton of DMAA
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