Does Dymatize Whey Isolates Give You BAAAAD Gas?

  1. Does Dymatize Whey Isolates Give You BAAAAD Gas?

    im fairly lactose intolerant,however On Gold Standard didnt give me any gas,i also drink lactose free milk. However 2 weeks ago i started TRT and i started taking Dymatize Elite Whey Isolates,and i have extremely bad gas,so im wondering if its from that? if not can it be from the white cheddar rice cakes?

  2. probly means its not digesting right. thats the typical reason for protein farts

  3. I didn't have a problem with ISO-100. Berry flavor was really good, put it in my oats almost everyday

  4. I don't have any issues with Iso-100.

  5. its not iso 100. its just Dymatize Elite Whey Isolates. Also taking ZMA

  6. could it be zma?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by AmazingAJ View Post
    its not iso 100. its just Dymatize Elite Whey Isolates. Also taking ZMA
    those peptides should be easy to digest, they are broken down whey basically.

    probably this blend that is giving you trouble
    Proprietary Enzyme Blend 40mg **
    Zytrix®, Protease, Lactase, Lipase

  8. I always have bad gas... It doesnt matter what I eat or what supps I take. Im just a big stinky guy lol!

  9. Their whey isolate is a blend, like optimum nutritions.

    If you don't want any problems, use the ISO 100, is hydrolyzed whey isolate. Better than old fashioned isolate.

    More servings too

    I've used the berry, chocolate, banana, and now, pins colada.
    Pins colada and berry are my favorites

  10. more servings? how is price? could it be the zma? is zma known for gas?

  11. You can find it for 65$, over 80 servings in a tub.

  12. Quick search on the googles indicates that some people have had gas problems with zma, some bottles say to avoid excessive amounts calcium so this could be linked.
    I've never had a problem with it however.

    Happy searching


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