Pros, I need help.. I just had a break from the gym (2 week-cleansing) and plan to go back.
I bought the following supplements:
-MP Shred Matrix
-MP Armor V
-MP Bullet Proof
-GP MyoFusion

I'm a 5'5" male, and started taking the supplements last week. Unfortunately, I got an upset stomach after taking them, having this intake schedule:
7am - 1 pack MP Shred Matrix
8am - 2 caps MP Armor V, with breakfast
1pm - 1 pack MP Shred Matrix, right after lunch
6pm - 1 scoop GP MyoFusion
7-8:30pm - workout
9pm - 1 scoop GP MyoFusion

***I didn't take any MP Bulletproof yet
Should I introduce them to my body, like 1 new supplement per week? I need a better intake schedule and know what should I take first, then introduce the other supplement next time.. Thanks in advance!