New Dexaprine & Issues with cardio

  1. New Dexaprine & Issues with cardio

    I just started a new batch of the reformulated Dexaprine. I took a half cap first thing in the morning and noted the profound suppression of hunger for the duration of the day. I took off to the gym around normal time @ 5:30pm and really struggled getting though my cardio/run that I usually and complete without issue. I felt REALLY winded and my heart rate was up. Is this normal? If so, I can't imagine taking a full cap.'

    Any feedback is appreciated... Thanks.


  2. It seems like the stim affect was a little to much, but then again, this was one of your first doses. Try it again, never base anything off of 1 time. It could have been a ton of other things, but very possible it is the dexaprime. Yesterday, I did nothing different but felt like my heart was going to pounce out of my chest. Did the same stuff today, and felt normal.

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  3. What mike said.
    Maybe you were running on empty with no enough kcals to train???
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