Compound 20, erase pro, & drug tests

  1. Compound 20, erase pro, & drug tests

    Hey, I may be getting a drug test for an upcoming job, and I always hear odd stories about people saying some legal supps can make you fail drug tests. I have nothing to worry about with compound 20 or compound 20/erase pro right? Cause I would not take either if it would have a negative effect on a job drug test! Thanks!

  2. Most likely testing for recreational drugs, so you will be fine.

  3. I don't think c20 or pro will throw any red flags up on any drug test offered for jobs.
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  4. Yup, jobs test for recreational/illegial drugs, such as narcotics and mary jane.

    Unless it's a sport specific drug test, they won't be checking your test levels!

  5. I was taking them up until last week and got drug tested Monday for civilian deployment and everything was clean.



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