Green Coffee Bean & Weight Loss

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  1. Most of the time when you're reading about negative effects if a given stimulus its administered in mass quantities almost unattainable by diet and supplementation unless the individual has that kind of inventory and actively trying to reach those doses. Some studies I've read also talk the same way about the benefits of some things but require a ridiculous amount. These are often rat studies with numbers converted to human ratios or studies where the clients are introduced to massive loads.

    In our cases, a lot of studies we look at are geared toward diabetics. Especially those articles on carbohydrates metabolism and the prevention of skeletal muscle atrophy. Those clients have a few variables we, hopefully, don't have to deal with so there's an offset hormonal constituent to account for in these studies. I do wish more researh could be done on non diabetics to eliminate variables and focus just on the metabolic pathways... But usually research is driven for clinical significance because that's what pays the bills.
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  2. Quote Originally Posted by JudoJosh View Post
    Seems to also have an effect on 11-HSD1

    Our Vatt Attack extract is based off the extraction methods of this study...

  3. Quote Originally Posted by USPowders

    Our Vatt Attack extract is based off the extraction methods of this study...
    Which instill have some powder of and will be using in a few weeks

    Love vat attack


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