1. GLA

    I don't remember where i read this so maybe someone could tell me if its true and supply me with some viable source of info on it. I recall reading that someone was using 2-3 grams of gla at bedtime as a nonstimulant fatburner. How would this be effective and has anyone given it a try.
    thanks in advance for your responses!


  2. I've heard of CLA as a fat-burner, but never anything about GLA. All I know about GLA is that its an Omega-6 and there's some in my fish/flax/borage caps.

  3. I have tried cla at high dosages with no success, also i remember reading at avantlabs that it causes insulin sensitivity issues.
    thanks for your response anyways.
    anyone else with any info on the GLA.

  4. I've heard of people using GLA/R-ALA in a kind of anarchy stack actually. I think Fonz talks about this on another board.

    Also, I found that CLA helps more in keeping off new fat while gaining... I don't know if it's really a fat burner though. I used 4-5g with larger meals, so the daily dosage was sometimes around 12-15.

  5. I can't really warrent spending that much money for a little fat prevention on cla.
    as for fonz, from what i have read at a few boards the general concenses is he is a shady bastard. has anyone else heard of any one using gla
    as always thanks to all those that reply

  6. Yes, I know CLA is kind of expensive which the underlying reason why people don't like it.

    180g for $17****35

    About Fonz... I guess I should have added "take this for what it's worth." There's a thread there on GLA, and it's not only Fonz talking about it. I just thought it might help.

  7. Much appreciated
    what board is this thread on as i am very interested in this. it would be great to have something that raises the metabolism while you sleep.

  8. I'll send you a PM. The (old) comments from that board say to take 2-3g GLA solo at bedtime, and that it's a non-stimulative thermogenic.

    (this leads to a) reduction in PGE2 levels, therefore shifting the prostaglandin spectrum to the PGF2A side, ultimately boostin lipolysis NON-STIMULATIVELY.
    It will also lower Blood Glucose levels slightly(not like R-ALA so you don't get hypo), therefore lowering insulin and increasing FFA breakdown and burning(My opinion is that this is a direct consequence of BAT thermogenesis caused by the pGF2A).

    Also, remember that prostaglandins are always produced at a 1:1 ratio, so by reducing PGE2 via GLA you increase overral PGF2A:total prostaglandin level differential.

    Its not much.....maybe 3-4% increase in BMR but it makes a BIG difference when you're sub 10% BF and trying to drop further
    down ther BF ladder.


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