Alpha T-2, Anabeta, Erase, DAA stack (12 weeks) with labwork

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    Quote Originally Posted by voodoo6 View Post
    Didn't get a chance to weigh-in/measure this morning. One of my dogs was throwing up all night, and I had to do some damage control before heading out to work this morning.

    I do have a question though ... I have been taking my Anabeta spread out throughout the day ... on workout days, I make sure to take 1 cap an hour pre-workout and 1 cap post. The other two are usually with breakfast and lunch.

    While reading about Anabeta Elite, I noticed that on workout days, it calls for 2 caps pre and 2 caps post (non-workout days are spread throughout) ... Should I be dosing Anabeta the same way on workout days?
    On workout days I recommend taking 6/day: 2 pre, 2 post and the other 2 spread out through the day. You can stick with doing 4/day and do 2 pre and 2 post, but I have had the most success doing 6/day on weight training days and 4/day on off or cardio days.
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    Quote Originally Posted by halfhuman View Post
    Reg Anabeta was best at 5caps...
    I had optimum results with 5 caps as well
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    Quote Originally Posted by kevinhy View Post
    I had optimum results with 5 caps as well
    Yea i went up to 6 and saw or felt no difference from 5..I wonder how the elite version will compare and differ from the reg anabeta..Pissed i missed the one day sale. Was to busy to order

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    Started the DAA & Erase part of the stack (yesterday).

    So far, I've seen a slight increase in bodyweight (3 lbs) with a small decrease in waist size (down 1/2"). Noticing increased definition also ... especially the separation between chest, shoulders, and traps.

    Recovery from workouts is MUCH better. Endurance, work capacity, and punch count have all increased over the last few weeks while on Anabeta & AT-2.

    Did 3 hours of old school conditioning and sparring yesterday ... could have gone longer, and no muscle soreness today (ribs are a little sore though from taking body hits).
    My Anabeta/Alpha T-2/Erase/DAA log (unsponsored):


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