1-AD Xtreme problems with urine screen??

  1. 1-AD Xtreme problems with urine screen??

    My boyfriend is in the USAF and had a random screen last week. They let him know today that he needs to retake it, and the 1-AD is the only thing I can think of being a problem (he's not using anything else). Admittedly I'm clueless about the stuff, but figured I could find some help here. Any ideas?

  2. I know people in the military that are taking 1-AD and aren't having any problems with the tests. Never know they could have dropped the container and the sample spilled or some stuff like that. If he showed up negative I would think they would just gave him the big thumbs down.

  3. it wont show pos. for any illegal drugs.

  4. He is fine, they wouldn't ask for another test if he failed. They only test for the rec. drugs in the military anyway.

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