Any supplements really help against hangovers?

  1. Any supplements really help against hangovers?

    Turning 30 soon, and everyone has decide a night out is in order. Problem is apparently Im getting older and have started to notice hangovers creeping up on me. Ive read about some supplements but always assumed they were gimmicks. Anyone take one with success?
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  2. Take your multi with a full glass of water before bed.

    And stay away from drinks that have a lot of sugar.

  3. nimbus poseidon works well for that.

  4. Straight liquor all night is about the only thing that I have found. Enjoy it now because they get worse through your 30s. haha

  5. 2 caps of Now super antioxidants + 300mg ALA(swansson is the cheapest) + lotsa water

    take after you finish drinking and thank me after you wake up ;-)

    37 here!

    p.s. nothing will help you except puking if you drink absolute ****loads real fast and it hits you at once

  6. Here's one that I've been trying lately and seems to help although it doesn't completely eradicate a hangover:

    - 2 hours before going out take an ECA tab
    - 1 hour before eat a fatty meal. The high fat is supposed to 'soak' up the alcohol, which means you don't feel the effects as quickly (
    - Stay clear of shots
    - 1 litre of water before getting into bed (I don't always remember this)
    - The next morning I have a protein shake with water, banana and some honey for breakfast

    This doesn't stop me getting a hangover but I definitely feel a lot better when following the above and, as everyone else has said, hangovers get worse the older you are

  7. ECA will make you drink a lot more to get a buzz and then you are left with too strong a buzz once it wears off !!!

    If we are talking about real ephedra/ephedrin that is....

  8. Another beer in the morning haha! Not really...Blend up a nice fruit/veggie/protein smoothie with plenty of EFA's and healthy grains. That always worked with me...and some hot lemon/green tea.
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  9. Coconut water towards the end of the night with about a liter of pure water, casein shake before bed, and in the morning, fruit and efa's with breakfast usually works from what people have told me (don't really drink but have helped people come up with ****tails/procedures to help with hangovers lol)
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  10. Not exactly the most viable way, but I have been on AndroDrive for a little over a week and got hammered the other night, which is a rare occasion, anyway absolutely no hangover and I'm prone to them.

    I read somewhere about taking creatine to prevent hangovers as well as fruit (sugar) the day after to ease symptoms.

  11. I've actually used HGH (the liquid stuff) before going out and the alcohol didn't seem to affect me too much. Didn't get a hangover the next day either.
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