Can lean extreme be stacked with a PH?

  1. Can lean extreme be stacked with a PH?

    I am keen to try lean extreme along with my PH cycle and was wandering what people thought. Is it likely to cause gyno issues? Any points on this welcome.


  2. If you are using a prohormone for cutting Id rather just save the lean xtreme for pct so I do not put on the fat that I just far as issues on cycle it might drop your cortisol too low if the PH you are using has that effect in its MOA.

  3. Ok, good poiNt. I believe the ph I am on does effect cortisol. I thought as cortisol is a stress hormone it would not be a bad thing cutting it low though for a short period.

  4. A lot of people have joint pain and other issues when they drop their cortisol too low so this is something you should research and be aware of if you choose to give it a try

  5. Ok, thanks.

  6. Definately agree, keep it for afters.
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  7. No harm with stacking it, but I wouldn't. You don't need anything else when on a designer steroid.
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