What do nonresponder use for creatine.

  1. What do nonresponder use for creatine.

    I dont respond to creatine at all. I have tried Cell-Tech (yea I know..it was a while back), satur8, V12, Swole V2, and V12 Turbo(since its the same as V12 only more potent) and all of them did nothing at all. Now I havent tried any creatine for about 5 months and wanna give something new a try. What do you guys who dont respond use. I was looking at NO-Xplode, Kre-Alkalyn, Nitrix, and CEX. What do you guys recomend?
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  2. That is a great question,are you trying it with some type of Dextrose/sodium transport.
    All I ever used was 10grams of creatine Monohrydrate W/malto/whey and powrade.I never cycle it nor do I use it just on training days.I use it like any other supplement 10gms ED ...

  3. I don't think that you will respond to any form creatine if you are a non responder. CEX, kre-alkalyn, 2CM, monohydrate, etc. are all just a creatine molecule with some other chemical group attached, but the creatine itself is the same.

  4. I think there is still hope. I just need to find the right delivery system to turn by body on to it. I have tried the dextrose method as well with no results.

  5. I put mine in with my weight gainer shake. are there any problems with this? I hear to take it with grape juice. I'm new to creatine.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by wastedwhiteboy2
    I put mine in with my weight gainer shake. are there any problems with this? I hear to take it with grape juice. I'm new to creatine.
    from what I know it would actually be better to take it with a gainer as the insuline spike from the carbs will put more creatine into your cells......

  7. I respond poorly to creatine monohydrate, moderately well to Kre-alkalyn and V-12, well to V.2, and recently had a great experience with VPX CEX. I hear Designer is coming out with a CEE product which I hope to try. If I were you, I'd wait for it, as it will be markedly less expensive.

  8. Is there a date on Sledge's new CEE compound? I was hoping to try something within the next few weeks during my PCT. Is CEE really that improved over regular monohydrate?

  9. i read somewhere that those who don't respond to creatine don't do so because their bodies naturally produce a ton of creatine and they are at their creatine "saturation" levels
    now i don't know if this is true but i know i read that somewhere a little while back

  10. Check out Satur8 online. Hear the stuff works wonders, going to get some for myelf soon.

  11. Taurine is good Glutamine is said to make you fuller,too.

  12. i respond quite well to creatine but i got exceptional results when i used it with liver tabs.

    i was having 5-10 grams pre w/o with whey & honey & another 5-10 grams with whey & gatorade post w/o.

    sometimes another dose later in the day as well with gatorade

    liver tabs were spread throughout the day.

    i also drank LOTS of water which i think was a major contributor to how full my muscles became. this combo worked really well.



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