rpn Gut Health vs Advanced Probiotic at Nutraplanet

  1. rpn Gut Health vs Advanced Probiotic at Nutraplanet

    Which is better? I can already predict that Gut Health will win, since it has sponsors here, but the other product has more bacteria, granted its not tailored for weight lifters.

  2. I haven't tried the Nutra version, but I have tried Gut Health. The old formula was a smash hit, and the new one is being equally well received. Lots of users are reporting a more stable digestive system, as intended.

    I'm sure the Nutra brand is a solid choice as well, but more bacteria does not necessarily mean better. Plus, at the price of Gut Health, it's worth a try; the first bottle will last you 30 days (with loading phase) and each bottle will last 35 after that. I am loving it. I'll let others chime in though, but you will see a few logs pop up over here shortly.

  3. Gut Health is one of the best probiotics out there. new formula has been treating me well, very happy that matt brought this back with genomyx
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  4. Its not really a Nutra product, but they sell it and I didnt whant to mention a non anabolicminds company. I think Ill start with Gut Healt ad alternate between the two.

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