How long you guys cycle off stim?

  1. How long you guys cycle off stim?

    So I was on stims for a good while and it was to the point that nothing was giving me a buzz. So I decided to cycle off of them. This is my third week off of stims but I was wondering how long should stay off of stims before I get back on them?

  2. My choice is to stay off all stims anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks. Do you feel like your training has suffered at three weeks off?

  3. Depends on how long and how much stims u were using, to get the buzz back, give it like 5 weeks, if you had a serious problem of taking too many stims as I once did, I layd off for about 12 weeks and felt better

  4. I very rarely come off them, they keep me running throughout the day

  5. I'm of a firm belief after all of the research I've done in the past few years (Pharmaceutical Sciences student) that the need to cycle off of things like caffeine is entirely dependent on your daily dosage and how you feel about it.

    As YG said above, unless you're taking high doses every day of your fave stims or you're looking to get the "buzz" back - you're probably just fine. You can go and get bloods to check your endocrine / adrenal function if you're that concerned.

  6. Switching stim can also be good to find the "buzz". I take a week of here and there while I switching stim, works fine!

  7. It all depends on your body and intake. I personally only need to take about two weeks off.
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  8. i only take a stim as a pre workout when im taking a stack like a test boosting im only on them maybe twice a year. but if i was on them all the time, i would do time on = time off
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  9. From my research and personal experience, magnesium oil allows you to avoid the option of cycling, not saying that you should take stims everyday, but if there were any toxic issues with stim usage, mag oil would def help with that and allow your adrenals to function normally.

  10. yeah ive heard of that somewhere.....i do DC training so i only take my pre workouts three times a week as it is
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    I took all sorts of pre-workouts and fat-burners with no real break from them for probably a couple of years, in all honesty. Since then, I've taken a 4-week break back in April of 10, while taking Reset AD and then a 5-week break without the Reset AD this Fall. I noticed no benefit from either one of the breaks. I'm now 5 weeks in on a minimum of 12 full weeks off. I'm taking Revamp (the Reset clone) for the entire duration of this. At the end of 3 months without stims, I'll try a pre-workout and if it doesn't kick in like crazy, I'll keep the break going another month at a time until I notice the change I want.

    Once I get to that point, I will never go more than 8 weeks on and 4 weeks off (or more). And that's at normal doses; not something as heavily dosed as an E/C stack. If I were to do that, I wouldn't use a stim-based pre-workout and I'd probably go 4 on/4 off or something like that.
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  12. I am very rarely off some kind of stim to be honest.

    -I am not saying this is the best way to go. This is just how I am lately.
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  13. As soon as I feel that they don't give me the same effects, I'll take about 4-6 weeks off. I like lettin the body rest from all that extra stress plus you'll get more bang for the buck that way, imho. But we're all differnet, so there's nothing right or wrong here.. Just listen to your body!

  14. i only use stims 2-3x per week..for about 8 weeks with a 3 week break

  15. 1 month

  16. Thank you for the respond guys. I was taking only in a pre-workout but the last 2-3 weeks i was drinking a pot of coffee through out the day, just for the taste, and took my pre-workout. I was using C4, mesomorph(old formula), lit up, and hemo-rage ultra concentrated. But mostly the first 3. I've been off for 3 weeks now going to 4 and I've been using NO3 pre-workout. I think I'll try to stay off of it for about 4 weeks maybe 5. Let's see how it goes.

    P.S. I was taking PP clen with those and i wasn't going crazy even on 140mcg a day

  17. I try to take as much time off as i am "on." I only use pre-workouts on upper body days, as using them on leg days makes me sick usually. Also, i'm able to keep the dosage low since i typically take my pre workout with ephedrine for an even bigger boost. 1 month on, 3 weeks or so off is my usual scheme.


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