Erase & T-Force question?

  1. Erase & T-Force question?

    I am currently running 2000mg daily of Tesofen/Fenugreek 50% Extract. I decided to take advantage of the sale at NP and just ordered some Erase and T-Force to throw on top in another week or two once the fenugreek fully kicks in. I am adding them to help with the libido and hopefully stay dry as well. This will be my first time using Erase and T-Force and I had some questions as to what would be the best way to use them along with Fenugreek Extract.

    Will I be able to see any effect from the Erase using it 2 times daily, or would it be better to use it as suggested for 3 times daily?

    With the T-Force, I have read opinions that with Fadogia sometimes less is better. If that is the case should I use 1000mg daily or stick to the instructions and use 1500mg daily?

    I would like to use these for at least 6-8 weeks.

  2. You will see the same effects from taking Erase twice per day as 3.

    Take 1-2 with breakfast and 1 later in the day, like with dinner.

    I would stick with the instructions on the T-Force. Keep taking the Fenu as you are.

    You can use everything for 8 weeks -- enjoy!
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  3. Thanks for the advice. Just wanted to make sure that I get it right and not overdo anything. I can really feel the fenugreek extract starting starting to kick in so I am looking forward to seeing the additional benefits and synergies that Erase and Fadogia will bring to the table.

  4. I really enjoy Testofen, for the price I don't think you can go wrong.

    With all herbal testosterone boosters I have tried, I find the noticeable effects on libido seem to subside after the first couple of weeks. When adding herbs that boost testosterone at some point you are going to reach the point of diminishing returns. If one product is supposed to boost it 100%~ and you add another studied to boost it 80% it will stop accumulating past a point.

    If you add one of the other supplements to it and don't feel any further effects I would discontinue Testofen and start cyling them for a couple of weeks at a time before taking a break after a couple of months or when you feel the effects aren't as pronounced, whichever comes first.

    That is my personal view. Best of luck!
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  5. Smile

    Thanks bdcc! I appreciate the input. I definitely agree with you regarding the cost vs. benefits on testofen. So far I am loving the testofen and how noticable yet subtle its effects are coming on. Currently in the middle of my 2nd week on it, and each day it gets a little better. Best part is the overall great mood it puts you in. So far the only negatives since I began the testofen are acne, slight water retention, and I have still yet to see any increase in libido. But overall I am pretty sure this is going to become one of my staple supplements that will be cycled 3-4 times a year, possibly along with Erase depending on how well I react to that (need to see how how easy it is on the Will do on the cycling of the supps too. Other than the basics such as protein, minerals, multivitamins, fish oils, and joint health, I usually like to go about 8-12 weeks on any given supplement depending how I react to them as well as factoring in the overall general conscensus of other peoples experiences.

    Btw, congratulations on winning the High Dose Titanium and Erase contest. I look forward to reading your log on those two products as I am considering running those two products in a similar fashion possibly in the near future, especially if Atheltix decides to come out with the 120ct Titanium bottle as mentioned in another thread.



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