USP Stack-Jack3d/Recreate/OEP/Prime-Protocol correct?

  1. USP Stack-Jack3d/Recreate/OEP/Prime-Protocol correct?

    Im looking stacking Jack3d/Recreate/OEP/Prime - have i got the dosage protocols correct:

    W/O Days:

    Jack3d - 1 serve pre W/O
    Recreate - 4x per day
    Prime - 6x per day

    Non W/O Days:

    OEP - 3x per day
    Prime - 6x per day

    Thanks for your input!

  2. Just be careful on the WO days with how much caffeine you are taking
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  3. dude im takin OEP, kac3d and powerfull and i like it.

  4. How are you stacking them?

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