Just tryin not to OD on sups, help me out.

  1. Just tryin not to OD on sups, help me out.

    Okay first off my goals in the gym are to basically get a leaner body. ive spent the last year getting bigger and stronger. ive gone from weighing around 190 to 230 in 12 months. my bench has gone up from 200 to 315. ive tried different supps off and on. i finally found something i really like. i was taking CRE-02 by Millenium sports tech. Erase by PES and Nutaplanets D-aspartic acid. i went through a order of those products and orderd again but this time i also orderd some Titanium by athletix.
    so my question is how should i dose these product to make them most effective?? before my last order i took 1 scoop of D-aspartic acid 2 CRE-02 and 2 Erase in the AM (800) then in the afternoon around 1145 id take another CRE-02 and another Erase. and finally before i left work (1700) id take 3 CRE-02 and another Erase. then im in the gym within an hour. i would lift then take a protein shake (40g)

    how would some of you have dosed these product? or what products would you have used in lue of what i had? and finally how would you dose them with Titanium?

    Do you think this is a good stack to gain strength and loose bf% im at 18% now and want to be closer to 10 asap.

    Thanks for any advise


  2. Erase-1 cap every 8 hours
    Titanium-1 cap every 12 hours
    Creatine-no need to dose throughout the day, but shouldn't hurt anything if you do.
    DAA-I can't advise on since I've never taken it. Do a seach, there is plenty of info here.

    Having said all that. IMO, you need to be looking at your diet/nutrition before your supplements if your wanting to drop BF%.

    Start by cutting your maintenence lever cals by 500....asess your results and adjust intake from there.

    For some people(if not most) it's tough to lose BF% and gain strength at the same time without taking anything hormonal. Not saying its impossible just tough...especially for someone who has been training properly for an extended period of time...and you don't sound like a couch potatoe.

    Hope this helps. I'm not an expert. Consider this a bump as well.

    Good luck.

    ETA: Erase + a Tbooster is nothing out of the ordinary. Its a recomended stack here at AM. You won't OD (although I'm sure you were just joking)

    And look into BCAAs. I think that's right up your alley, considering your goals.

  3. dose them according to label, and don't get hung up on times and super precision. Do it when its convenient and reasonable.

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