Can I really buy Ephedra Products from Ephedra Warehouse?

  1. Are there places that still sill Ephedra?

    Can't post the link but I just went to the site.
    It has a lot of Ephedra products on there..
    Any idea if they would work?
    Store is located in las vegas.

  2. bronkaid available at cvs. and i'm pretty sure naming the source is also going to get you banned.

  3. youre gunna wanna read the rules and erase this

  4. Sorry I didn't see the rule. I didn't think it was asking anything bad. I mean in other parts for forums people talk about actual steroids. I was just asking about something that is not "illegal"

  5. no one cares about illegality of the substance. you aren't supposed to ask about sources that aren't associated with this site. for example, nutraplanet is okay to link b/c it sponsors this board.

    edit the title of this
    Comic Sans makes me feel gangsta

  6. I can't edit the title..unfortunately.

  7. yeah you can. you have to go to the advanced edit panel.
    Comic Sans makes me feel gangsta


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